Tabula Rasa: Is it what's for dinner?

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Tabula Rasa: Is it what's for dinner?

Post by Screwtape » Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:36 pm

So I activated a TR account 2 weeks ago and so far... I'm really digging it. As I suspected my biggest gripe during beta was my hardware capabilities at the time. They seem to be steadily fixing a lot of the balancing issues in the game mechanics.

The Pros:
1. You can solo everything, given the right level, including instances. Like, an instance is a level 18 instance, at 21 you can solo and reap all the same rewards as you were grouped. If you do decide to group it, the instance scales (instead of facing 6 enemies at once, you face 30, for example).

2. Typically, there is 2-4 instances per zone in the game so usually there's plenty to do.

3. For all the OCD's out there, each zone has "Targets of Opportunity", a set of goals a player must do to receive XP, money, and Clone Credits.

4. Clone credits - basically, at certain benchmarks in your leveling you get these free, and by completing certain quests as mentioned above. At any time you can clone a character, the character will be the same class and level at the moment of cloning.

5. As people mentioned in one of the other threads, it is a lot of action, unlike many other MMOs), you have to fight your way through everything just to get from point A to point B for a mission. It really is like a battlefield. It sounds tedious but its actually quite fun.

6. Control Point battles. CPs are towns that either the enemy or players can control, Sometimes a CP will be under attack by Bane, and you along with other players have to defend it. Sometimes you have to retake control points from the Bane which requires an assault on them. Typically you can't solo this, although it is possible. They're important to capture because they offer questgivers and "waypoints" (think of em as WoW flight masters)

The Cons
1. Not many players, seemingly. Enough for it not to seem like a ghost town, but not enough to make it seem successful.

2. The weapon switching (from different types of damage, like, fire, virulent, EMP, cold, etc.) is adding forced depth to the game. Without it the game would be too simple, but they need to figure something out.

3. Clone credits - If you collect enough of them- you'll only have to level 2 toons (one for each of the two specialized tiers). This is good because it makes it less tedious for the player, but its a questionable practice for an MMO that wants to keep up "replay" value.

4. Bugs. Not game ending bugs, but too many small ones that are ridiculous (like, sometimes quest givers don't give you quests. You have to restart the game). A bunch of bugged quests etc.

5. Seeming lack of end-game. You'd think MMOs would learn their lesson after the post-WoW era, but TR end-game content seems to be very limited.

What to look forward to:

1. Vehicles- Finally, not a horse, or gryphon, a ship, a car, anything that's not a fucking animal!

2. Further patching - there are many bugs but I guess someone lit a fire under the ass of the dev department and they are continuously further-balancing and adding new content to the game.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be in the game long term, but right now, it seems A metric shit ton more fun than WoW (except for the raiding) so I'll probably continue to play around with it for a while longer.
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Post by Kyecsrai » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:34 pm

5. Seeming lack of end-game. You'd think MMOs would learn their lesson after the post-WoW era, but TR end-game content seems to be very limited.
They'll come out with Hamidon v2. Just give them some time.
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