Online Role Playing, How It Works

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Online Role Playing, How It Works

Post by Marcallo » Thu Jun 10, 2004 2:29 pm

Okay since I've been asked I will attempt to shed some light on the topic. This will be easier if you have a working knowledge of D&D, but if you don't I will make it as easy as possible.

Conversations - Conversations will happen in order in post form, noone can post twice in a row and it helps if everyone has a chance before you post a second time in the same conversation. Private conversations between two players can be done in a completely different topic from what will be the MAIN topic for the game.

For all examples I will pretend to be Sammael Dragonsworn the Level 5 Sorcerer.

So a conversation would go like this.

Sammael looks over to Tiflin and says, "That's an interesting dagger you have there little one, I wonder if you could shed some light as to how it functions."

Sammael also looks around say's aloud, "I do wonder as to where we should venture to next? That tome to Myrkul we found was interesting, however we should also check into that Harper Scouts story"

And then, whoever is playing Tiflin can chime in next, or even one of the otehr party members, so long as there is a nice even flow to everything.

When I post it will look something like this.

[DM] The barmaid returns and says, "So Gentles the meals come to 2 gold, and the rooms will be another 1 gold for the entire party. Baths are optional, and free if you fetch your own water, otherwise it's 5 copper for one of our men to bring it up to ye."

IF you need to speak off topic or out of character you can do so like this.

[OOC] DM I don't remember if I crossed off that other 2 gold I spent yesterday does it matter?

COMBAT - Okay so Combat is a bit interesting in an online game. But it is pretty easy. The new system of AD&D employs different actions that can be done in a standard round, these are a Move Action (MA) a Standard Action (SA), and a Five Foot Step (FFS) being the most common. If you attempt to draw a weapon, cast a spell, or walk PAST another enemy you can invoke an attack of opportunity (AOO) against you.

Obviously since this game is online and we don't have use of Miniatures I will go easy on this stuff and give warnings and suggestions because I WILL have a map in front of me with visualizations of where each character is.

So combat would start like this - Assuming I as the DM assault the group.

[DM] It appears that your negotiations with the band of Orcs has not goine as well as you would have hoped. Out of the shadows step 4 more of the brutish creatures with swords drawn and jowels dripping with spittle. They attack but you are not surprised. (Combat on Even Footing).

I rolled initiative for the party and the order will be as follows.....


Okay so that's the easy part. Now the fun part. Let's assume that Sammael Decides to cast a spell on his turn. So his order in the initiative count is first cause he got a lucky roll.

Sammael will CAST Charm Person (SA) on one of the Orcs (DC19 save versus Will)

[DM] The pathetic creature is now fully under your control. If you ask it to attack for you I will give it a second save versus will otherwise it will stand there catatonic until you command.

Let's try another example, Suppose the Warrior Peregrine Stormhammer wishes to move in and attack. He would post like this.

Peregrine draws his weapon and moves in towards the closest group of Orcs. (MA) He will then Attack (SA) whichever one looks most threatening. (MW Longsword 1D8+1 Crit 19/20 BAB+6).

[DM] Your massive strike sends the orcs staggering to his Knees, since I know you have Cleave I gave you an attack at the second orc but you failed merely clipping it's armor.
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