Single Origin and Invention Enhancements - how they compare

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Single Origin and Invention Enhancements - how they compare

Post by Sord » Tue May 15, 2007 5:57 am

We were discussing yesterday how single origin enhancements compare to the ones you can create with the invention work table.

Invention enhancements provide approx. the same effectiveness at lvl 25 as SO's will provide at an equal level.

For example. A lvl 25 damage invention enhancement will provide a 32% bonus, a lvl 25 single origin will provide 33.33%. Where the invention origins start to shine is that they don't deteriorate while you level up. For example, when you ding lvl 26, the invention enhancement will provide 32% damage, your SO will now provide 29.97% and so forth until lvl 29. At lvl 29, your invention enhancement will provide 32% and your SO will be red and need to be replaced.

SO's at an equal or greater level do provide marginally better than a lvl 25 invention enhancement but beyond, invention enhancements only scale up even more. Lets hop up all the way to lvl 50. Lets just say you've been extremely unlucky, or frugal or whatever and you have the lvl 25 invention enhancement for damage. It still provides 32%. A lvl 50 SO for damage? 33.33%. Lets say you have the infamy, salvage and recipe for a lvl 50 invention origin, that will create a bonus of 42%!

Lvl 22 is a good time to start investing in the invention enhancement market. You can equip them at lvl 22 and will be comparable to a SO all the way to lvl 50 if you are unlucky or just unable to upgrade for whatever reasons.

Here is how the invention enhancements scale ... nt_Scaling

And here is how enhancements in general work and the bonus/penalty for equipping enhancements +3/-3 of your level and other general info on how enhancements work.

One thing to realize is that enhancements exist at every level, not just in multiples of 5, but the invention worktable sells them that way so often its easier to just do it that way. A SO will provide a slightly better benefit at +3 levels, they will provide 38.30%. At lvl 40 and above, invention enhancements will always be better, providing a static 38.6% to 42% at lvl 50.

(Note: this was using the Schedule A enhancements which you can see which they are on the provided links. You'll find similar performance across all enhancement types)
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Post by Jae » Tue May 15, 2007 8:33 am

Yus. I argued in favor of SOs at least until 27, but I ended up getting IOs anyway. The deciding factors for me were price and longevity. Since I9 is new and there are still tons of people selling IOs at huge price cuts to get badges, there just isn't much reason to dabble in SOs right now.

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