Base construction - learn from my mistakes

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Base construction - learn from my mistakes

Post by Sord » Sun May 06, 2007 4:34 pm

Getting the base up and running optimally has been a thorn in my side since weI've started it. Mainly because things keep coming up that you don't think about so I figured I'd share some of what I've gone through so you don't make the same mistakes I did and potentially save yourself a bunch of base salvage not having to remake telepads 7 or 8 times :P

Speaking of telepads, there are two types. A "basic telepad" and a "raid telepad" and the thing to realize is that the raid telepads are for, as the name would imply, raids only. Paragonwiki is very vague (the base section is still under construction) so it seemed like teleport beacons would connect to it like any others and we wouldn't have to worry about moving them around to different telepads just so you can get where you need to go.

To house the raid telepad, you must have the 3x3 chamber, it wont fit in the 2x2. The 3x3 costs the same but only allows 2 telepads just like the 2x2 room. You can fit a raid telepad and then a basic telepad in there. The 2x2 room can fit two basic telepads and until you upgrade to a bigger plot, which of course costs millions of prestige and a monthly upkeep, you won't be upgrading. Basically I wiped out all of Nicolina's hard work in decorating to test out the stupid raid telepad which turned out to be a letdown. Sorry Nicole <3

Our workaround is just two basic telepads in the 2x2 room. We have 4 beacons so far and figured that since the teleport out of the base to Cap Au Diable puts you close to the rogue isle ferry, we can go without a bunch of beacons because the ferry can take you to the next 5 zones.

Another thing to realize is work tables come in different flavors and they do different stuff. Upgrading to an advanced work table will not allow you to make the same stuff a basic worktable will + advanced stuff, like we figured it would. There isn't anything on the advanced work table that we'd really use that I could see, so if you are just going for functionality and not base raiding, its skippable for now.

Those are the major issues I encountered with base startup. I'll post more as we fine tune our base and figure things out for those who are in the same situation on a different server. :)
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Post by vrrn » Mon May 07, 2007 7:41 am

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When it comes to base information. And I concur, that the information available out there on CoV/H is lacking WICKEDLY for base stuff.

I dumped our 1x2 teleport room real quick like to get the 2x2.

We only have one teleporter (due to lack of funds) but we'll get there soon enough.

and they are kickass. for sure.
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