Survivor Magic

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Survivor Magic

Post by Atomic » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:10 pm

Not sure if it's been posted about yet. I should search for it before I post this. Ah screw it, I've been up for about 26 hours now and am in the middle of a caffine high, I'm not searching for nothing. Blame my lazyness. My fingers are twitching on the keyboard and I think I'm getting ADD.

Anyways, what was I saying?

Oh yeah. The reason I've been up for 26 hours is because I've been reading the logs on this Surviver: Magic thing. Basically, it's like the TV show, except in Magic: Online. The first couple games are pretty... alright, the second one being pretty wierd. The third, now, that one... especially when it gets down to the final 8. It just gets awesome. I wish I could be involved in one. They're running a fourth right now. If I'd known about it -- and had a MTGO account -- I'dI've applied. Ah well. If I ever finish reading about the 3ed game, I'll be following the fourth...

And OMG, the backstabbing! The trechery! The straying conversations! ...omg... just go read it. I'm going to go find some more coffee.

Hmm, suppose I could give you a link. Let me think here... er, well... i can't really come up with any, except the link to my current page of the 3ed thread... I suppose I'll give that. Just go to the first page and read from there. The first two aren't really worth reading, except as background info... ... e=26&pp=30

hehe. *twitch* *loses focus, goes finds something else to do* I suppose 12 straight hours of anything can make you get tired of it. Well... almost anything.
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